Episode Released 15th February 2022.


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Below are some recommendations if you’re interested in Jane Austen, and the era.

Jane Austen: A Life – Claire Tomalin


The first biography of Jane Austen I read. Very thorough.

Jane Austen, the Secret Radical – Helena Kelly


Really good, especially if you’ve read Jane Austen’s novels.

The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things – Paula Byrne


I found that the descriptions of objects that Jane owned really brought her to life for me. Lots of the details from Jane Austen’s letters in the episode came from this book

Emma (2020) dir. Autumn de Wilde


My second favourite adapation of Emma, after Clueless, and before the Kate Beckinsale version, which is also great.  The adaptation is by Eleanor Catton whose novel The Luminaries is wonderful.

The Duchess, (2008) dir. Saul Dibb


This is a true life story, that happened slightly before Jane Austen’s time, but is something she would have heard about. I found myself watching it as I was writing, because it highlights the sexism of the era really well.

Belle, (2013) dir. Amma Asante


Jane Austen knew people who knew Dido Belle, who was a little older than Jane Austen. I really wanted to do an episode in this season on Dido Belle (she worked as a copier for her uncle) but in the meantime this is a great film! And Dido Belle’s uncle Lord Mansfield, is probably the person for whom Jane’s book Mansfield Park is named.